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Friday 10/26/12: Organell Quiz


1) Microscope study guides are due Wed. 10/10/12

2) Microscope test on Fri. 10/12/12
  • Please bring a #2 pencil for the scan tron
  • Study for the test

3) Extra Help will be after school Wed 10/10/12


Monday 10/1/12: Complete the conclusion questions for the Letter "e" lab.

For the remainder of the week we will be working on Microscope Labs and activities in class. Please check the agenda book to see if there is written homework.

If there is no written homework - Please read over what we did in class


Glow Stick lab due Fri. 9/28

Monday 9/24: Read the article "The Microscope" and answer the questions that follow on a separate sheet of paper and answer in complete sentences.

Thursday 9/27: Complete the worksheet on the compound microscope